I have a stack of work to do and I can’t really get myself to work on it.  What makes this unusual is that it’s work of, literally, my own creation.


Ya see, I have, of my own volition, quite school for the time being to make art.  And now?  I’m freaking out ’cause I have all of these self-imposed deadlines, a zillion and five ideas for things to make, and zero space in which to work.


…somehow, I don’t think I thought this through as much as I thought I had.


I think the only thing that isn’t driving me batty at the moment is …quixotic or not ( quixotic-or-not.livejournal.com/ ), my webcomic.  I’m still not thrilled with how it looks as yet, but I’m working on it.  


Now, if Tom would stop harshing my squee because I’m not an authenticity nazi, it’d be nice.


And, since this is an art-blog and all the angst that’s associated with it, I give you art.









cc -Some rights




elizabeth presented on my lovely model.  This piece is about identity construction and understanding other people’s identities.  Kind of a play on “walking a mile in someone else’s shoes” except that you’re exchanging a collar for shoes.


And, there is not potential beating of people later for having stolen someone’s shoes.


Not funny.  I know.  


But I never really claimed to be funny.  


*completely deadpan*


Also, for the record, I really don’t like fixed column width.  Just sayin’.

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