…something related to “productive”



I’ve spent a lot of time today deciding what three pieces I was going to send to the Acci Gallery’s 2008 National Juried Exhibition:  chimera: Randolph, taxonomy: Audrey III, and Bondage like grandma used to make: jingle flogger. So that, at least, is decided. And the application only needed filling out, a CD, SASE, and entry fee. Really, really easy to put together.


For once.


Now, I just need to finish it up and send it off tomorrow.  Then, oh then!, I get to work on my proposal for the Gladstone Hotel in Toronto’s Hard Twist show and decide if I really want to apply to for membership with the 62 Gallery.  It’d be shiny, but I’m not certain I’m ready for it yet.


But, in less stress-inducing news, the Art to Wear show’s deadline is actually June 21st instead of June 2nd like it was published in FiberArts.  


*breathes properly for the first time in weeks*


My dress-form might actually be here in time for me to make something new for it.  Yay!


And, so there is a point of reference when I’m complaining about my lack-of-studio-space, a picture!

cc -Some rights


Yes, it is on my enclosed front-porch and it is that cluttered.  What you’re not seeing is that, behind where I’m taking the picture from, is about 15 basses and guitars, Yule decorations, other art works, supplies, and the unused-front-door.


Shiny, huh?


And, so y’all don’t feel cheated.  A sock-geisha.

cc -Some rights


Bye, kiddos!

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