…blah, blah, blah, Art to Wear and Gladstone, blah

I sent off the Gladstone application this afternoon. \o/ Part of it was to send related work and then propose what you wanted to do for the show.  I submitted–



For my proposal, I wrote


The work I propose is approximately 7 feet tall and 3 feet wide wall-hung installation.  Its materials will include, but are not limited too, unbeaten kozo, flax, and cotton papers, and yarn.  This piece will be similar in execution to the representative work images attached, but larger since these pieces have been relegated to a small scale due to lack of space.


This piece is a dwelling place for the uncanny and, as such, the texture lent by unbeaten kozo is imperative since it creates a visual viseralness that is reminiscent of a alien fungoid made of muscle fiber.  That there are pieces attached to it that echo sea anemones, egg sacs, and barnacles enhances this feeling of alienness and discomfort.



So, it’s in.  If I get accepted, it’s $105 fee though.  *eep*  But, it’s only if you get accepted so if I suck it’s not such a big deal.


In other news, my dress-form came today.  Not exactly what I expected, but I needed something relatively fast and it’ll suffice.  Now, the dress for Art to Wear.  I’ve been thinking about a chicken wire and floral mesh pierrot with a ruffled collar like elizabeth.


I’m also working on a portrait for What is Today’s Portrait?, but, really, I have absolutely no idea what the hell I’m going to make for it.  *sigh*  Different kind of thinking.  I’m thinking by starting with definitions of “portrait” and “portraitry” and reading some autobiographical theory stuff and seeing what happens.


See ya, kiddos.

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