…slack, slacker, slackest

I feel as if I’ve been a complete slacker the last few days ’cause no art made to speak of.




I’ve been reorganizing my studio (again) so that I can work on the dress for the Art to Wear show.  I made my request to the Void for that portaiture competition (waiting on some more responses).  I wrote the newest …quixotic or not, so that’s up and waiting for people to peer at it.  Been conducting some research into arty-things and found out that I get to start work (again) a week early.


Overall, not slacker, just not physically productive.


…does that sound like I’m completely talking out of my hat?


It does?  Oh, good.  I though it was just me.


Have I mentioned that I have a bike now?  A red and pretty and shiny and it has a bell.  *squee*  I also discovered that the paper I wrote on Buffy and fan-constructed language has been cited in someone’s disseration.


Weird, yeah?


I’m off, kiddos.  Stay outta trouble.

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