…rejected by a toaster, the high point of my day

I finally heard from Acci and they rejected me, but it was a very nice rejection, very “you don’t suck, we just didn’t have space” which is entirely possibly since they had over 1000 submission and only accepted 55.




I can live with that.


I do wish that I’d hear from McColl and HardTwist, but what can I do?  I’d add ArtWear, but it just got there and everything.


ION, Craft Alliance in St. Lous is hiring faculty (which I’m probably not qualified for) and a registrar (which means I’d never had time to art), but they’re real jobs.  The applications are going out tomorrow.


But, since Gail has her very own artist working in the Writing Center (me!), she’s been having me install pieces.  So, in a way, I have my own little solo exhibition! \o/  The dress I submitted to ArtWear is down there, but also the collective scrump is too.


Here is the scrump all installed.


Creative Commons License

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-Noncommercial-Share Alike 3.0 United States License.


See scrump.  


See scrump pile.


Pile, scrump, pile!


In addition, I’m also working very hard on my entry for the Smithsonian National Gallery’s Portraiture competition.


It’s getting there.  Really.


‘Kay.  Ciao, kiddos.  Stay outta the shadows.

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