Have I mentioned I have a Flickr page?  It’s a little less, I don’t know–juvenile?–than deviantArt.  Not that Deviant isn’t shiny, it’s just a bit more anime-groupie than art a lot of the time.


Portrait’s still goin’.  Will it ever be finished?  *melodramatic cry*  Probably.


And, in that vein, Gail is having us work on a display for a Writing Center conference she’s going to…which, probably means, well, me, but that’s shiny.  I just don’t know if I can get it done by the 17th.  If I do something stayed and boooooooooooooring, yeah, it could be done, but I want it to be something that’s different and innovative and interactive.


Can you tell I have an idea?


It revolves around wall-hung tape holders.  Dolling it up and making it an interactive filing system of the Writing Center’s \o/-ness.


…I really gotta get it cleared first.


Bye, kiddos!

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