…more letters in the mail

Well, really, one.

I recieved a letter for the ArtWear show I applied to a couple months back.

I was accepted.

…this is where I should Arms of Yay, right?


Okay, so it’s not as enthusiastic as it should be (please note that they are orange Arms of Yay ’cause orange is my favorite color), but I’m feeling a little stressed by it. Not ’cause I got in, but because I really didn’t expect to get in and hadn’t really though that much about having to ship the pieces to Colorado (really, Colorado? *shakes head*).

I am excited, somewhere, I’m just to wigged about other things. Once everything’s been shipped, then I’ll be cartwheely and enthusiastic Arms of Yay.



Stop looking at me like that. I said I’d be excited and I will. *looks resolved*

In case y’all aren’t glued to my crazy art shennanigans, these are the pieces that I submitted and are being sent to the show for certain. Now, I just need to make a few more.

Oh, and in case I haven’t ever mentioned it, the lovely model is my housemate.

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