…contact information

*points to sidebar*


In deference to a colleague of mine, my email is now listed so that y’all can contact me if you have questions about my work, prices, shows, or if you’d just like to chat ’cause you think I’m weird interesting.  I love hearing from people!  I might not always be super quick getting back to you, but I will get back to you.


‘Kay now, duckies, I’m off!

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  1. Tree,

    Is that spelled right? I just wanted you to know that I just purused your website. I love your stuff! I didn’t remember that you do mixed media collage art. I would really love to take a class that could give me some direction. Do you have one that you recommend at NIU or Kish?
    I’ll definitely be visiting the writing center and looking for some handouts I can use for COMS class. See you this fall.



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