…vindication at last

Yesterday, I went to the bi-monthly meeting of A Ream of Writers, which is basically the NaNoWriMo kids on the off-season, and came away feeling like a vindicated artist.


Which is shiny.


I took one of my scrump with me to use as a writing prompt for the group, and it went so well.


I don’t know how many times I’ve explained to people that the scrump series, for me, is about body horror and the grotesque and how children are more accepting of those sorts of aesthetics than adults.


The name of the series comes from Lilo and Stitch:  How can it not be about children and the grotesque?


But!  When the vinnettes were finished, ever single one of them was in some way related to the grotesque whether it was an abominative creature that purred while it burned you alive, a queen’s mishappen daughter, a murderous granny with a propensity towards satin ballet slippers, tribble-like creatures trying to take over a ship, aliens who harvested minds, or a conjoined twin.


Ever.  Single.  ONE! \o/


I feel vindicated as an artist by my audiences reception.  They wrote these vinnettes before they knew anything about the piece other than how it looked and got it so, so, so right!




And so y’all, lovely readers, can have a point of reference, here’s the piece I took to Crit Group.


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