There’s this thing called a “day job”–

And I have a couple of them that total over 40 hours a week.

This makes for less arting than I would like.

But!  I have a not-quite-commission for a friend of mine and her daughter.  I’m making the wedding tutus! \o/ There’s a horrible, horrible sketch of the adult tutu (which I will not subject you kind folks to) over in my El-Jay.

I might have even uploaded it to my Flickr, but I don’t really remember at the moment.

Basically, I have ~144 feet of tulle in my studio waaaaaaaaaiiiiiiiiiting for me!


It’s looking at me!  It’s going to strangle me in the night!<——If you haven’t guessed, tulle is not my most favoritest of things.

But!  It’s kinda exciting.

In other news, I’m a Script Frenzy ML for my region.  If you haven’t joined Script Frenzy, you should.  *looks STERN*

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