I am remiss. Pass. Pass. And! Art for sale!

I have been remiss in posting here.

And making art.

And thinking about art.

And comic-ing.

Basically, doing anything that wasn’t school work. *SAD*

But! No more! I shall be better.

Until I’m not.

So, aside from the self-flagellation, I popped on to let the universe know that Flatmate is off to the Ren Faire circuit tomorrow (er, today) for three weeks and is selling a bunch of my stuff. If you’re in Ohio at Starwood or New York at Sirius Rising, look for the Feywood booth to see/buy their really awesome work and my somewhat awesome my stuff.

I’m sending a bunch of necklaces, the plushie vices, enameled and patinated pieces, buttons, and much more!

You could have your very own piece of art from tentacle-made!  *Kermit-flail*

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