Homeless! Hated! Despised!

Okay, not really.  I’m just a refugee from my studio right now because I have two huge canvases in there drying, and there really isn’t room for me in there with them.  *shakes tentacle at tiny, tiny studio*


Though, true story, I kinda like my studio.  I just wish that I could have some of the stored things in there elsewhere so that I could store canvases and things in the closet out of the way (for example).  It’s shiny; I shall survive.  I’m doing pretty well so far.  At least, this studio has heating in it unlike DeKalb’s studio. *shivers in memory*


I’m working on another diptych right now of a caecalia holding the skull of her friend Yorrick in a Petshop of Horrors sorta way.  It’s one of those images that’s been living in my head for awhile, but it’s taken awhile for it to want to come out–mostly because, in DeKalb, I didn’t have the space to even set-up my easel.  Technically, I really don’t here either, but I’m making the space.  There are things in my head that want to come out!  I have a couple drawings of scrump that are manifesting too (photos are forthcoming–wet canvas is between me and my arting computer and camera /o\).  *points at picture* But, I really adore Matsuri Akino’s artwork, and Petshop of Horrors is so, so good.  Think a kinda Japanese Night Gallery, but with the agents of action being animals of some sort.  Carnivorous, cannibalistic rabbits whose originator is named Alice and looks like the perfect, human, angel by those that adopt her.  A mermaid whose really a giant fish, but looks like it’s adopter’s dead rock-star wife (the anime of this episode is really fantastic mostly because the music is brilliant).  And so on.


So good.  So wrong.  So fraking wonderful.  Artwork, music, and morality tales in harmony.  *jones for anime*


In other news, I’ve entered my The North Woods photography series into a competition.  My Facebook f-list and Twitter stream are probably really sick of hearing about it, but The Focus Project does this Threadless-voting thing and I’m annoying everyone to vote for me.


Sooooooooooooooooooooooooooo, go over here to my portfolio.  Please.  You can vote more than once, but only once in a 24 hour period.


Vote for squid.  She’s awesome.


Or something.



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