“It will be fun. I swear.”

After last week’s post, it seems that the consensus is that my theme for my sketchbook for The Fiction Project should be my new little unnamed friends series.  It seems like it’s going to be a bestiary; I’m thinking about calling it The Bestiary of Unnamed Creatures and combine the bestiary aspect of the sketchbook with a Virgil wandering the Underworld travel-log ala Dante’s Inferno.


And I have loads of little friends for it too.  I’m up to four completed sketches and three more ideas just kicking around.  Some of the text too.


The working text for this little guy is:

“Like Byatt’s “The Thing in the Forest” from The Little Black Book of Stories, these creatures literally move through their environment–slinking, slithering, pulsating, and subdividing.


Like cellular mitosis but with pain.  Yet, do we know that there is no pain in cellular mitosis.  Do the mitochondria scream when they are torn asunder?  Do the cilia ache when they remember that they once belonged to another entity?


There are worlds upon worlds at the micro-level–how can we know?  Maybe this little creature is but the unrecognized mitochondria of another, larger being?”


The other new guy’s working text is:


“They are tiny blobs of hot air, dirigibles of dragonfly elegance.  Pretension is their stock and trade.


They, ginormous in their iteration, glide through mangrove swamps filled with slinking crocodilians–preying upon the unsuspecting denizens, enveloping them in their yearning, bilious membranes.”


They keep multiplying, and they’re starting to become the very flora that creatures are wandering in–an environment that is a sentient as the creatures within it.


There seems to be something rather scary going on their.


All we need know is an iteration of the brainweasels in there.

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