Okay, obviously, I didn’t get this posted yesterday.  After I turned in the competition pieces, I spiked a temp and was essentially useless the rest of the day.


I’m not really sure today has been better, but I’ve been productive:  made three pendants, a morgue-board, and cleaned the house (including changing the bedding).  <–I am a super-exciting person, aren’t I?


The competition that I entered into is hosted by College of Menominee Nation‘s Sustainability Institute; it’s called “The Voice of Water.”  I entered two pieces:  one photograph and one painting.  The photograph y’all might be familiar with since I’ve posted it over on my Flickr-stream and my Facebook photos.  I took this photograph on a super foggy day and then manipulated the contrast and color so that it came out in blues rather than greys.  For me, this photo typifies water:  not only does it gesture at fog and cold, but it also has the murkiness and reflectivity of a lake or a swamp.


I really think this is my favorite photograph of the ones that I have taken up here.  It makes me think of mangrove swamps and lurking crocodilians.  Two of my favorite images.


The other “Voice of Water” pieces is a painting that incorporated a polymer acrylic image transfer of the above photograph.  This piece is painted on a piece of random cardboard I had.  I was originally going to paint it on a piece of  book board and frame the piece in a vintage frame that I had spray painted pale blue (it has since become my morgue-board), but I didn’t have any book board that would fit the frame.  This piece was painted with spray paint, acrylic paint, modeling paste medium, illumination medium, and polymer acrylic medium with a polymer acrylic digital transfer.


The piece itself tries to encompass all the qualities of water from fog to ice to white caps.  It also expresses the patience of water, the destructive/regenerative nature of water, and the danger of water.


I like the concept behind it.


There’s something like 20 hours of work in that painting and a whole lot of drying time.  But, they’ve been submitted.  Hopefully, the judges don’t think they suck out loud.  <–Welcome to the insecure-artist section of the day.  *eyeroll heard ’round the world*


I’d feel more confident about this piece if it weren’t so completely Impressionistic to me, and I’m like the only person in the history of the universe who really dislikes Monet and the Impressionists.


Yes, I am that person.  *hangs head in not-shame*

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