Birthday Update.

So, sad squid is sad.  I wasn’t able to go to The Art Garage‘s Gallery Night due to Winter Storm Francesca and the 19+ inches of snow she dumped on our heads.


As y’all can see.  Snow.  Lots.  Of.  SNOW!  /o\


It’s mostly gone now.  o.O


I also didn’t get to retrieve my prizes for placing in the College of Menominee Nation‘s World Water Day art competition sponsored by the Sustainability Institute.


*this is me annoyed*


But!  I did get to go to The Art Garage yesterday with the lovely Sara and Spawn #2.  It looks like I may be doing some volunteering for the nice peoples.  I encourage everyone else in the Green Bay area to volunteer also.  They are completely dependent upon volunteer help, and they are a totally worthy institution to volunteer for–bring art to the community!


Also, if anyone is a local Green Bay artist and would like to be shown at The Art Garage, they have space for rent that’s really reasonable.


And The Husband got me the best teacup for my birthday.  If y’all hadn’t guessed, I like all things tentacled, and Anthropologie has the perfect teacup for those who are cephalopod obsessed.


It’s really fantastic.  The handle is textured like a tentacle, and there’s a picture of a little sailing vessel on the inside so that the implication is the tentacle is coming to drag the ship down into the briny depths.


*happy sighs*


Definitely a present that some who knows you really well would get you.


I’m also doing some revamping to the artwork section of the blog.  It’s going kinda slowly.  As always, the “instant gratification” part of viewing my art is to go check it out on my Flickr.  One day, everything will be consolidated!  (raise you hand if you think this is a complete and utter lie *raises hand*)


So, just ’cause I can and because it’s fun to watch Mr. Morph be all flumexed and silly, a video.  Morpheus the Kitty-Dog trying to make friends with The Little Black Cat and failing miserably.


I shouldn’t think it’s funny, but it really is.



Poor Morph!  It’s just lucky he’s pretty.


    1. Here, it looks like it. There is a bit of a back story that involves three previous days of successful play-posture before the window convincing The Little Black Kitty to be his friend. This was the day it all went wrong. TLBK has not been back since. Morph keeps looking for him longingly and is sad.


    1. Nah, it’s just a WordPress standard, but thank you for the compliment. Sorry it took so long. You comment got lost in the blog-spam filter.


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