Last time, on the trials and trevals of squids,

I think I mentioned (once, twice, a million times) that me, the kitties, and the Husband were moving.  We are safely tucked into our new house, but we are still totally in the unpacking stage; therefore, there’s not going to be a whole lotta art talk today.  However, there will be pictures of the house and the beautiful, beautiful studio.

Also, if y’all are in the Green Bay area on Saturday, come by the The Art Garage and see my art in person!  I have two pieces in the show.  You might even get to see me win some money.

So, without further ado!  Our new house!

     This is our gianormous cloakroom.  There will never be a need for coats or shoes to be misplaced again.

     The front room.  There’s one of my sculptures hanging out in the back.  It’s guarding the back hall (below).

     The bedroom replete with a sleepy kitty (above), and the library/music room/office replete with confused identity (below).

     And, the pièce de résistance, my amazing studio–still a wreck! /o\–but still completely awesome.

     So, that’s the new house.  Of course, there are rooms I didn’t show–because I didn’t want too!  *cackles maniacally and runs about sill-li-ly*  Really, I thought the complete wreckage was just too much to share.  When it’s less wreck-ish, there will be better pictures.

     Ciao, my doves.

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