rummage the planet!

Not to be confused with hack the planet. <–*is a total Hackers dork for real*


So, last weekend (yes, Memorial Day weekend) Shawano had this huge, town-wide rummage as well as a flea market going on at the fair grounds.  I lurked and wander and collected like the horrible materialist that I am with the Husband, Miss Sarah, her husband, and their totally-awesome-aggressive-to-a-fault-in-a-way-only-a-6-year-old-can-manage daughter. <–I like her.  She’s going to rule the world one day and will not even need a 5 year old to plot-hole for her because she’ll skip all the crazy plans involving sharks as hero-elimination devices and just shoot the idiots outright.


Got to admire that kind of directness.


But!  Town-wide rummage is quite possibly the most awesome thing ever.


Evidently, while the rest of America has been going “ooOOOOOoooo, imported from China with new car-smell” for the last 50 years, Wisconsin has been in a state of constant, near-horder-like collection.  Like, Wisconsin invented the idea of uncycling and the entire state thrifts and rummages with a mad-ferret-like obsession.  <–Not really but, seriously, you should see this stuff.


It’s too cool.


And!  These things make the perfect place to pick up tools and supplies on the cheap.


Exhibit A:





















A belt sander with side sander.  Perfect for the small metals studio.  $25.


Exhibit B:






















Ball peen hammer.  Good balance.  Good weight.  $3.75


Exhibit C:



































Four really fantastically Rococo  frames.  Nice sized.  Weighty.  All four for $3.00 total.


I also got crazy stuff like used snow fence (loads of it) for $5, embroidery hoops for $1, and assorted other stuff.


Rummaging, flea marketing, and thrifting are officially best thing ever.  I’ve always leaned toward the found object (or, at least, re-appropriated object) as art elements, but the prevalence of the rummaging mentality combined with the proliferation of places from which to purchase recyclable items is fantastic.


I am a contented squid.  The pawn shop is in my future for a bandsaw.  That’s another thing.  Pawn shops aren’t nearly as hinky up here.  They are a valid part of the economy that everyone utilizes in one way or the other without karmic backlash. *hands*



















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