Nothing to see here. Move along.

So, I’m kinda lacking a posty-post today.  Been in my studio on and off all day working on a couple of different pieces (and cursing the need to procure more spray paint *shakes tentacle*).  <–Also?  It’s been fraking hot in the studio today since it’s been unseasonably warm in Wisconsin.  *shrugs*  Makes me less likely to be thinky, ya know?


I’m also working on sharing the project sheets I developed with y’all since I know you’ve been waiting with baited breathe.  Talking about pricing, time keeping, and tallying the damage.


Remember to breathe, please.


And, in other news, I’ve started a Tumblr under the handle “tentacle-made” as a way to supplement this more long-winded blog–kind of a taking the blogging on the road so that the nifty things I see and/or do don’t have to be saved up and relegated to a once-a-week kinda thing.


Also?  It’s a bit more wieldy on my Rodney, my phone, and a bit more user-friendly.


So, no pictures.  Nothing interesting.  Just plans for future posting-ness.



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