loads to talk about

So, after last week’s lack-lustre post, this last week (and up-coming week) has been all sorts of full with craziness:  there was Kara Cournard‘s 101 Women Project opening at the Art Garage, there’s Gallery Night coming up on Thursday (have I mentioned that I’m demoing insta-books at the shindig?), there were Seattle Edition in-law visits, there’s an Art Garage fundraiser at Barnes and Noble Saturday as well as the Faerie Festival at Thistledown Greenhouse and the first day of the Shawano Farmer’s Market.


Wow, can I have a few more links in there?  *considers*  I could, but I’ll save y’all’s eyes.  Just this once.


The 101 Women Project was fantastic and rowdy and loud and all-and-all nifty.  I met a whole bunch of people from the Green Bay Art Scene (I still think that we need to have some sort of monthly get-together in order to be drunken and talk about art), and they are a nice bunch of people.  There’s even a lovely Green Bay Council Person who attended the shindig and is endeavoring to preserve and help to grow the Green Bay Art Scene.


I had a really good time even though I was technically doing that faux-work thing and was having the “I’m so painfully shy that I think I’ll just hide beneath the counter for the evening.  Thanks.” day.  Towards the end, I managed to chat and network a bit and be a charming squid.


Also, as y’all might or might not know, I now have a studio at the Art Garage, but I’m the Art Garage’s Featured Studio Artist for June (so I had a third wall to fill in addition to my gallery wall and my studio wall–there were a lot of inventory sheets to fill out).




*POINTS*  See!  That’s me!  In the front gallery and everything!  It’s very exciting.  Additionally, I have a section of wall in the main gallery that I currently have my most recent color field diptych up on.



I’ve been having a color field thing since moving to Wisconsin; I think it has something to do with color saturation here. It’s really phenomenal.


This particular color field piece is on display at the Art Garage in Green Bay at the moment. The idea for it came from a tv series I used to watch in the 90s called Beyond Reality. In this episode, an artist keeps painting bits and pieces of a monster that lives in his mind and that is attempting to come into being. In this diptych, I have portrayed a calmer, less demonic creature in an abstracted form with only an “eye” really recognizable as anything, possibly.


And my tAG studio is wonderfully cracktastic.  Full-to-bursting, quixotic, and whimsical–just like me.




So, yeah, that’s what’s been going on in my crazy artist life, and an explanation as to why I haven’t gotten the Project Sheets up to share.  *hands*


Remember, if y’all are in the Green Bay area on Thursday, come on down to the Art Garage for Gallery Night, and watch me confuse people with insta-books!




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