things and things and other things

So, I’ve been promising and promising to share my studio forms with y’all:  time-sheet, materials, and project (which is basically a combined time-sheet-materials form with a built in cost assessor and place for conceptual notes).  I had been putting it off because WordPress has created a way to share your Google Docs on your blog, and I, honestly, hadn’t gotten around to sussing out how it worked.


*is a bad and laaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaazy squid*


But!  Now, I have done it!  You all can share my OCD tendencies that have extended into my studio!  *bwahahahahahahaha*


Really, only I could be this excited about record keeping stuff.



The time-sheet is really just a way of keeping track of the amount of time that I’m spending in the studio.  Nothing big, but when you kinda feel mooch-ish (like me), it’s nice to be able to quantify as well as qualify my time.



The materials sheet helps me to keep track of what materials are being used in the studio and how much they cost.  Really, I use the time-sheets and materials sheets just as much for miscellanious, non-specific activities in my studio–like the box I’m working on to put the masses of buttons I have so that I can sell them at the Art Garage or twin!Sarah’s graduation present.


Euclid’s First Solar System



The project sheets are really the best of both worlds with chocolate (Cadbury Dairy Milk, specifically) on top.  I can break down my time by project, break down materials by project, and keep notes, due dates, and prospective titles all in one place, making the entire pricing of art an easier (if just as frustrating) task.


I likes them a lot.


In other news, the end of the quarter is coming up at the Art Garage, which means that my wall space is going to be moving (closer to the front of the gallery!) and a new featured studio artist will go up.  This happens on Thursday, so if you were wanting to see my featured studio artist wall in person, make a trip to the Art Garage!



Okay, off to finish coffee, work on organizing studio stuff and the stuff for the Marathon for Literature (there’s a post coming up on this, especially since I’m in charge of Food Donations and Thank You letters), and framing.


So.  Much.  FRAMING! /o\



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