Like many people, Vincent van Gogh was my first artist.  I was intrigued by his use of color and motion, and when I was a bit older, I was intrigued by his madness/not-madness. [There’s method to his madness.] I also really love Doctor Who—new, old, and in-between—so an episode with Vincent van Gogh and the Doctor (and Amy) is a happy place for me. Through in, at the end, that the Doctor and Amy show Vincent that he and his art will not be forgotten, and I am merrily melancholy. I like the idea that Vincent is allowed to know that all of his madness, the ridicule that he went through, the troubles with his family, and the unknowness that he lived in as an artist were not for naught; he was important, remembered, beloved—it’s heartening for any artist toiling in obscurity.

“Vincent and the Doctor”

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