art at The Attic

So, yes, I know.  Two posts in one week.  There’s something terribly wrong with me–or terribly right.  I wandered into The Attic this morning, and there, upon the wall, was the work of Vicky Helms-Kostka.  We were actually in the Memories Show at the ARTgarage together, though I don’t think I met her.



I’m like 99% certain this was won of the pieces she had in the Memories Show.


But the exhibit at The Attic is a wall-full of her mixed media collages, and while they’re all lovely, the ones that I’m really enjoying the most are “Make Piece with Demons #1” and “Make Piece with Demons #2”.






They both have these eximious medieval demons (that were probably culled from a calendar–actually, I think I had the same calendar) juxtaposed with these meta-shiny God-via-Monty-Python hands bequeathing botanicals.


Kinda trippy.


I almost think the best part is that, since these works are on board, the way that she hands some of them. She beads the wire so that the hanging wire isn’t something that is hidden away behind the piece where hopefully no one will see it; it becomes something gilt and jewel-like and almost reminiscent of a reliquary.


Very nice.


So, if you’re in Green Bay over on Main, head on down to The Attic, have a cuppa, and check out Helms-Kostka’s work. You won’t regret it.


Also, if this “in the neighborhood”-ness happens tonight around 6, head over to the ARTgarage for the 3rd Quarter Artists Reception.

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