drive-by awesomeness

I’m heading out of town today, so this post is going to be short, to the point with minimal bellybutton contemplating.


Wren Britton. Of Pure Vile. (Is that a play on puerile? If it is, I applaud the wordplay!)




He’s awesome and gothic and Dresden Dolls-esque and assemblage-oriented and generally just hits every happy-button I have for wearable art.


I want him to be my friend. I want to live in his head. I love him, and I love his (metaphoric) shoes. /West Wing reference.


I’ll be teaching 1st-3rd graders at SAW at the ARTgarage next week. If y’all never hear from me again, it’s because they all went Lord of the Flies on us and sacrificed us to their cruel, cruel god.


Now, back to your regularly scheduled program already in progress.



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