*impotent tentacles of fury*

*insert rant about Apple and their outrageous prices on, oh, just about everything and the irritating-to-enraging AT&T/Verizon 3G option for the iPad rather than it being an ad-hoc-wifi user like everything else on the fricking planet*


Okay, that’s maybe a gross over-generalization, but–come on!–all hail the open source revolution!  Either get on the boat or hop on the lifeboat, and stop making all of us completely nuts already. kthxbai


/rant <–for now, at any rate


So, that actually wasn’t what I was planning on posting about this week (neither was it being Sunday before the real post was written–I mean, seriously folks, how did that happen?–but it’s been a rough last week+ *hands*).


I was going to open the floor to a discussion of  the artist persona and societal acceptance thereof as well as tell y’all what classes I’m teaching this Fall at the ARTgarage and how SAW went.


Let us begin with SAW.


Quite possibly the most awesome concept ever (except for the entire lack of real classroom space and lack of sinks).  I was co-teaching Painting and Mixed Media with Dark Carrie (we have a lot of Carries at the ARTgarage; Sandys too).  We had 12 students who ranged in age from 6 to 9.


Handful.  Thy name is kids between 6 and 9.  *is exhausted from the mere thought of them*


But, I must admit, they totally made awesome work.








We completed (more or less) 6 projects:  Sample Media Books, Mixed Media Assemblages, Mixed Media Sewing Assemblages, Concentric Shape Studies, Art/Music Composition Studies, and an Impromptu Weaving Experiment.  We also introduced several (like loads) of different types of media with an accompanying conversation about how anything can be an art medium, artist introductions (Kandinsky mostly, but also Joseph Cornell, Nick Cave, Mandy Greer, and Joan Miro), a gallery walk (in the ARTgarage), an explanation about how artists price their work, a talk about how art is never really finished, and a talk about working around the unexpected during art-making.


Really, any place that says “a talk” insert “repeated at least 7 times”.


That’s a lot of stuff to do in 3 hours a day for 5 days.  That was all accomplished in just 15 hours!  It’s very exciting.


I totally think I’m going to be doing this again next year.  It’s kinda like giving birth, I think:  it’s horrific to go through, but you kinda forget/romanticize/drugs kick in; then you want to do it again.  Oh, irony.


The classes that I’m teaching in the Fall are actually all geared towards more of an older group, but I’ve tried to leave them open as much as possible to a younger audience too (i.e., 12 and up is the age range).


I’m going to be teaching


Story Beads:  Beading to Heal–September 30th    $30.oo

The ARTgarage has a class cooperative with St. Vinny’s, and this class is being offered through that program.  This class is also totally based upon one that I took with Lisa Kay a couple of years ago.  She’s totally as awesome as you’d think she’d be winning a Fulbright.  Share the love!


Japanese Stab Binding:  Books to Heal–October 14th    $30.00

Also, a St. Vinny’s class.


Artist Books:  A Bookmaking Workshop–November 11th-12th    $150.00

Bookmaking techniques and artist books! \o/


Artist Dolls–November 18th-19th    $150.00

Really, this is ‘Lain’s gig; I’m just co-teaching.


Miss ‘Lain is also teaching a couple of other classes that I’m kinda helping out with (Mostly so that I can take the class without paying for it!  Don’t tell!).


Circuit Bending 101–October 28th    $60.00


Puppetry–December 2nd and 9th    $150


So, yeah, I’m going to be a busy little squid.  Dare I say, bee-like?


And, I don’t know about the rest of you, but this post is getting into the epic-feeling category.  We’ll leave the artist persona talk until Tuesday.


But, a final thought/question:  what do y’all think the artist’s persona has been and is becoming and how has this been fostered/rejected by society?


Also, what are some stereotypes of The Artist?



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