so, I had a post…

A good post.  Smart.  Carefully laid out.  But I got weather sitting on my head all day causing a migraine–cause it could, don’t ya know–and there went-eth the post.


/bad Spike paraphrase  <–‘ Cause, occasionally, Wikipedia doesn’t make me crazy.


Another day; another billion things in my head.


The post was going to be this entire story about a conversation at the ARTgarage about what the next juried show should have as its theme/required element.


Which ended up being tossed about as taxidermy or, at least, bones.


Who knows if that’s going the be the thing (I think it highly unlikely), but it’d be awesome if it were.


And all of this made remember an artist that I had seen on Craftzine, and that was going to be the point of the post.


I think I’m going to save it for later this week, but that’s what I’m going to talk about:  taxidermy as fine art.


A kinda gothic homage to Joseph Cornell.


I have also been busy; I was invited to take a silk painting class last Sunday (the results of which will be posted soon–probably still in process), and I’m taking a bag sewing class tomorrow (did y’all see my first sewing machine sewn seams over on my Facebook artist page?).


I didn’t want to leave y’all hanging.


So, yeah, things and things and other things entirely (like job interviews).


Real and true post on Thursday.



3 thoughts on “so, I had a post…

  1. But I want to hear the story about the taxidermy and the bones and the stuff nowww! Also the making it Fine Art. ‘Cause that’s cool. And what about making our own animals out of the remains of other animals (or possibly just the forms there of for the sorta squeemish). Let us make our own platipuses… platipi? Chimeric Down-under Critter of Hillarity?


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