mid-week awesome edition–Mira Reisberg’s new online class

So, my friend (Dr.) Mira Reisberg has put together a really interesting online multicultural, art(!), mythology(double-!), and personal growth course to teach the art-fearful, very beginning and advanced artists, teachers, and therapists about art as well as teaching life skills.

This class looks like it’s going to be really unique and innovative.  She’s going to have a private blog and online gallery for folks to comment on or participate in if they like and tons of inspirational and instructional goodness. And!  It’s a global community thing!  How much more cutting edge art education can we really get, ya know?


The website is www.herosartjourney.com or you can also see and share the video here http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6Cb7myte7pg–y’all can totally get an idea about it without even signing up for it!


Take Mira’s course!  It promises to be radically empowering, nurturing, and lots of fun!  You know you want too!  All the cool kids are doing it!




*This has been a tentacle-made service announcement.  Succumb to your tentacle-y masters!*

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