belated taxidermy day to y’all

Okay, not really a national holiday or anything, but maybe it should be?  Celebrate the preservation of dead animals in life-like poses!


…maybe not. <–Not all my ideas are brilliant.


So, taxidermy.  I love me some taxidermy in that art-meets-craft-meets-cracked-out-awesome sorta way.  And, a while back, I did a drive-by post on Wren Britton of Pure Vile.  (Double-super-secret secret–he’s totally got some taxidermy going on in his work! *EEE*)


Today–today is about other artists that utilized taxidermy and how I want to be them when I grow up.


So, my love affair with taxidermy actually started with Professional Mermaid, with whom I went to Columbia College Chicago.  For her BFA show, she did this really nifty installation that integrated plaster dogs, bleached bones, dirt, and a coffin that she built herself.




Completely shiny.  We used to chat about theory (Helene Cixous, specifically) on occasion.


So.  My start.  And then–oh!  and then!–I found Jessica Joslin (somewhere–I have no clue where!).








I love the assemblage aspect of her work, her sense of steampunk-whimsy, and her complete devotion to P.T. Barnum–the man who gave us the Fiji Mermaid (and the ability to obliquely reference it in House of a 1,000 Corpses).


I’d like to spend a day in her studio just watching her work. *is a total fangirl*


Then, recently, Craftzine had an article on Loved to Death.




Loved to Death makes these really neat dioramas (as well as more traditional taxidermy) that are like old circus side-show curiosities (Why, hello there again, Mr. Barnum!). I really want one (or 12!), but I kinda don’t have the money for them.


But–one day!–I shall! *mwahahahahahahaha*


There’s really no need for evil mad scientist laughter (Aren’t mad scientists evil by definition? Was that redundant?).


*shifty eyes*


Except that it’s fun!




And, I’m done.




This entire post really came out of a conversation that happened at the ARTgarage, which you can totally get the gist of over————————————->here. I’ll not reiterate it.


So, these are some of my favorite things taxidermy artists. What are some people that y’all like?



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