Marathon for Literature at the ARTgarage

So, today’s gonna kinda be a drive-by advert for the Marathon for Literature being held at the ARTgarage this upcoming Friday and Saturday (9/16 @ 6 pm-9/17 @6 pm).


I might throw in a little Kurt Halsey if y’all are good.


Here’s the advert:


15 minutes. A book. You.


That’s all it takes for you to help support the ARTgarage and Literacy Green Bay.


Your support (and the support of anyone that is willing to sponsor you) will go to fund Arts programing at the ARTgarage and fund Literacy Green Bay as well as to help purchase new books for several area shelters.


September 16th and 17th already full up? Support the Marathon for Literature by sponsoring a reader (or many readers!).


You can even donate food for all those starving readers (and their hungry audience–can’t have them eating the readers, ya know)!  Honestly, I think I’ve managed to hunt down enough food to kill a water buffalo.


If you’re interested in reading or donating, call the ARTgarage at 920.448.6800; otherwise, we’ll see y’all at the Marathon!


Come to read; stay to listen!


We are still short several readers, so–come on!–come and play with us.  Books, reading, coffee–all late into the night and into the next day.  It’ll be fantastic!


If you’re an artist and you wanna do one of those “create art to the music reading” things, that can totally be arranged.  Just call the ARTgarage or email me.


We’ll hook.  You.  UP!  <–I’m a little excited about all of this if y’all couldn’t tell.


Come to the Marathon.  We have cookies.


Okay, since you were all so good–Except for you, ‘Lain.  I see what you’re doing over there.–Kurt Halsey.


He’s kinda a quintessential hipster artist, but in a non-sucky, non-pretentious  way.


I really like him, and I learned about him from my friend Genna (of deconstructing pierrot fame).  For some reason, Halsey and Bright Eyes are inextricably linked in my head because of her.


I enjoy the almost cartoon-ish whimsey of his images as well as the stories-within-stories that he creates and the way that post-it note kinda conversations happen sometimes.  <–I think part of that is because I have a tendency to sketch my unnamed friends on post-it notes before they become large-scale drawings or sculptures. *should totally start scanning those images also*


I also enjoy that his people/creatures are gestural and (almost) ephemeral–like they are nascent beings or they are coming into being.


He also totally has a fandom.  How many artists can say that?



…I kinda want my own fandom.  *looooooooooooooooooooooooongs for it like a bungalow*




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