pictures and thoughts and things

…are you trying to steal my unicorn?


Okay, I was just watching Bitchin’ Kitchen, so that’s what’s with the stealing the unicorn.  *whistles*


I’m still feeling under the weather, so I’m just going to say that IQ’s Fall Art Reception was a load of fun and Mother Nature plotted against us with unseasonably warm weather–which, when you like in a place that has as much winter as we do, no one stays inside when it’s unseasonably warm.


Unless, you’re a crazy artist under a deadline.




Anyway, it was fantastic, and I hope that Miss Heather invites me to play again.  Here are the pictures I took.


Heather Peterman’s Art: Fantastically bright, almost stained glass-like. A unique aesthetic that has a touch of psychedelic, black light posters in it.


Y’all know that you want a piece of her work–whether it’s fiber-based, a print, or an original painting–do yourselves a favor and get yourselves some Heather art. <–And excuse me and my fever-addled cracktasticness.












Shelly Fuchs: A little dark, a little sexy, a whole lot of awesome. And! She has a giant giraffe as part of her display.








Sara DeRuyter of Eleven Moon Art: Colorful, geometric, and fun. This was Sara first time out too. We were nervous together.








Jacy Petersen (here’s her photography page): Organic, touchable, and visually rich. We totally had an art trade!










And, me! <–Katrina (‘Trie) Blasingame:








There were also a couple of guys that I didn’t get pictures of their stuff. Next time.


So, I haven’t forgotten the Branding conversation; I just haven’t been well enough to be completely thinky about it. It has, however, returned to one of my least favorite rants: artists’ pricing of their time and work–or, really, their under-pricing.


I haven’t forgotten, I swear.


So, here’s the currently updated calendar:

Story Beads: Beading to Heal–September 30th $30.00

The ARTgarage has a class cooperative with St. Vinny’s, and this class is being offered through that program. This class is also totally based upon one that I took with Lisa Kay a couple of years ago. She’s totally as awesome as you’d think she’d be winning a Fulbright. Share the love!


So, I had one person signed up for this class, but we had such a good time, I think! Definitely going to see about doing this again in the Spring–maybe as more of a series of “come and learn; come back to hang out and work together!”


“Visualizing Your Hopes and Dreams”: An Art Night for Freedom House–October 3rd, 6-8 pm

It’s basically an art class being taught for the families that Freedom House helps out.


Kelly and I had about 10 people (though 2 were too small to do more than run around) plus Freedom House’s coordinator-lady Robyn (who is totally awesome). We all had a good time, one student tried drawing for the first time in her life, and I made a new friend.


Studio Tour–October 7th, 12-6 at the ARTgarage

It’s really Chris Style’s studio tour, but all the ARTgarage studio artists were invited to join the fun. This tour happens the 8th and 9th also, but I’m only going to be there the 7th and the 9th.


Bay Area Watercolor Artists Opening–October 7th, 5-8 at the ARTgarage

Not necessarily my art scene, but ya know, I’m still gonna be supportive!



IQ’s Fall Art Reception–October 8th

3-8 pm at IQ’s Bar 2105 University Ave., Green Bay


Studio Tour–October 9th, 12-5 at the ARTgarage

Same sitch, different day.


4th Quarter Artists Opening Reception AND the first Artists’ Demo-ing Night (hip name yet to be chosen)–October 13th

5-8 pm at the ARTgarage. The Artists’ Demo-ing Night is something new that we’re trying, so if you’re an artist in the Green Bay area, come to Demo Night! We all aren’t ARTgarage artists either, and we’re willing to share our windfall awesomeness!


Japanese Stab Binding: Books to Heal–October 14th $30.00

Also, a St. Vinny’s class. <–This is looking like it's going to be cancelled. *SAD*


Artist Books: A Bookmaking Workshop–November 11th-12th $150.00

Bookmaking techniques and artist books! \o/


Artists’ Demo-ing Night–November 17th

Same sitch (yes, I did use “sitch”) as the other one.


Artist Dolls–November 18th-19th $150.00

Really, this is ‘Lain’s gig; I’m just co-teaching.


Black Friday Mixed Media for Kids Class–November 25th

Co-taught with the fabulous Miss Carrie. Bring your kids to be babysat to learn about and make mixed media art while you get some peace and quiet some Yule/Christmas/Kwanzaa/Hanukkah/Saturnalia/insert-your-holy-day-here shopping done.


Artists’ Demo-ing Night (I really hope we come up with a better title soon.)–Decemeber 15th, 5-8 pm

This Demo Night happens during the ARTgarage’s annual Holiday Sale/Show, so it’s a double header.


Miss ‘Lain is also teaching a couple of other classes that I’m kinda helping out with (Mostly so that I can take the class without paying for it! Don’t tell!).

Circuit Bending 101–October 28th $60.00

Puppetry–December 2nd and 9th $150


…really, how much do y’all think a class should be?


I’m out.





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