So, it’s November–

—and around here, that means it’s time to NaNo!

That’s National Novel Writing Month for those of you that don’t know.

Every year, we each try to write a 50,000 word novel over the course of November:  bad grammar, incomprehensible plot, Old Ones turned into plushie cephlapods (that’s one of my previous NaNos), it’s all good in the hood. <—Don’t mind me, I’m a little sleep depped; I don’t normally say or write things like that.  It’s the orgiastic abandon of NaNoWriMo, I swear!  I’m not in complete control of my senses!


So, the question is:  Who else is NaNo-ing, and what is going by the wayside so that you can make your 50,000 word goal?

Me?  I’m behind in my art-making, but NaNo is also keeping me from completely freaking out distracting me from the hurry-up-and-wait-ness of an application that I have floating out in the universe.

We each have our coping strategies, yeah?


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