a link round-up

Since it’s Thanksgiving week and I have been being productive today instead of obsessing about the blog (okay, I’ve been obsessing about non-blog-y things and working to try to keep my little squid-brain from dwelling upon obsess-y things), we’re gonna have us a link round-up.


‘Cause I can.


And you can.


We all can together.


Everybody CAN-CAN! <–*is ashamed*


So, a few of sites that I frequent:



Oddly, this is not anywhere near a complete list of the sites that I stalk.


Though, y’all might also enjoy Pinterest; it’s a visual boarding site that connects everything you bookmark back to where you got it from.


And, here’s an article to read: “Can A Museum Rewrite Art History?”


So, yeah, this is what I’ve been doing today when I wasn’t in my studio working or quietly obsessing. You mileage may vary.




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