another random post

So, before I get going on what I was going to babble about, I have Attack of the Show on, and they’re doing “Around the Net.”  Evidently, KRQE, which is in New Mexico, did a segment on Pedobear.  (Interestingly, the segment is not longer available on the KRQE site. *whistles*)



Not ironically or in an Onion-esque way.


They did a completely serious segment on the dangers of Pedobear–that pedophiles are using Pedobear to lure children–evidently not realizing that Pedobear is a meme. 


*eyeroll heard ’round the world*


So, I guess their Fact Checkers are incapable of even using Wikipedia to look this stuff up.  *SIGH*


I’ve got nothing.  Really, and truly nothing.


So, what I was really planning to talk about it today (which, there’s a distinct lack of plan today) was more random artists and random links.


I have a new artist that I’m kinda in love with; his name is Paul Barnes.  (He also has more images over on his Facebook.)  <–I totally need to update the artist list on the side-bar to include Mr. Barnes and the millions of other artists that I’m currently <3-ing. /o\


  • The Kitchn–Have I mentioned that I have non-pretentious kinda foodie tendencies?  Basically, I enjoy cooking; the Husband enjoys cooking.  And, we don’t suck at it.
  • Apartment Therapy–The origin site (sic) for The Kitchn; it’s basically the decorating and design site.
  • Sporeborne–Seriously, moss-produced graffiti.  How fantastic is that?
  • Hello Purl–I’ve been learning to spin yarn (Yes, I am learning to spin.  Seriously, I can spin with a drop spindle. *represents*)  I bought some roving (the stuff you spin) from Hello Purl at ArtStreet.  I have been rather found of it.
  • Dharma Trading Company–Not to be confused with The Dharma Initiative from Lost.  If you’re a fiber person, they are the handy-dandy fiber people.
  • The Neon Museum–Where all the neat old neon signs in Las Vegas go to sleep.
  • Genevieve Gorder–I adore her as a designer, and she’s a rather entertaining blogger.


Soooooooooooooooooooo, there y’all go.  Fun things on the interwebs that I enjoy, part 2.



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