less of a drive-by…even if it is a half-a-day later than I promised *is eeeeeevil*

Remember, this is all pre-coffee (it’s burble-burble-burbling in the background all siren-call-y *looooooooooooongs for it like a bungalow*), so if I’m not making sense (yet, ever, always), I apologize up-front.


*jazz hands*


So, I have all sorts of links that I’ve been reading from this week. Some of them are even art-related so that I’m not a complete hack!  But, I’ve also been thinking about fairy-tale reinterpretations (i.e., Alice, Tin Man, and Neverland <–I haven’t seen Neverland yet; it’s on the DVR patiently waiting for me. *loves the DVR with an unholy love*


To begin, Pikaland: The Illustrated Life had an interesting thinky-post recently about “Why artists & illustrators should get a job.” <–Not meant in a snotty-snarky way.  Basically, the old caveat that if we can’t make a living on our art yet, we need to subsidize it.


The only problem is how do we still find time to make art when there’s job things to do.  This is a question that I’ve been asking myself since my fellow art-conspirator ‘Lain is now gainfully employeed (and is too exhausted to do much more than drag herself into bed), and I have an interview next week for a job that I really want but will eat up a lot of time.


Now, for me, the answer is easy:  use my insomnia powers for evil good.  Plus, I’m actually more productive when I’m super-busy because I feel like I have to be productive in the short amount of time I have.


…it’s probably a left-over from undergrad.


I’d love to hear how y’all balance job-duties and art-production; it’d be nice to hear other methods of coping!


If y’all have been reading Hyperallergic, you should be.  It’s like the cool-kids version of ARTNews or ARTFORUM <–Let’s face it, ARTFORUM hasn’t been much more than pretty pictures since the 80s.*  Oh, for the days of Clement Greenberg and the like writing fantastically wild things about Modernist Painting and Minimalism! *is all woe*


*Please remember that this is my opinion and that your opinion is totally allowed to be different.  As always, you mileage may vary, yeah?  Also, the online ARTFORUM is waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay less annoying than the physical iteration; it’s all super-annoyingly awkward.  *gets off of soapbox*


But, back to my original point, Hyperallergic is really awesome and cool-kids counter-point to the more-stayed and stogie art publications.  (Think Hi-Fructose, but about art news.)  They have a segment called “Required Reading” that’s a news-round-up for all things art-y.  Super-awesome, and in one convenient little place.


In this week’s edition of “Required Reading,” there was Somer Sherwood‘s meditation of “The True Cost of Handmade,” which, as y’all know, if a favorite rant subject of mine, and Flavorwire‘s collection of “20 Artworks Inspired by the Occupy Wall Street Movement.” <–If you’re not a supporter of Occupy Wall Street, that’s fine and dandy, dandy and fine, but this will not be the place to have that conversation.  This is an art/studio blog, not a political blog.


I like Some Sherwood’s hats.  They’re all anemone-barnacle-esque.


I’m also loving Who Killed Bambi?, but if y’all haven’t guessed by now, Neo-Pop-Surrealism is totally one of my favorite art forms.  And?  If it has a bit of the grotesque to it?  Mores-the-better! \o/


As usual, a lot of these sites were culled from the prodigious amounts of sites that my friend Susi posts.  I <3 her Facebook feed for this!  <3 <3 <3


Okay, I’m going to keep my other thoughts for next week (the total re-interpretation of fairy-tales as well as a meditation on Scrooge–yep, I said it, Scrooge.).



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