Craft: A Reality Show and other things that you probably never really thought about.

I don’t think that I should be allowed to have anymore coffee today; I’ve had like three massive cups.


Seriously, there is buzzing and spinning and all sorts of crazy due to caffeine overload.




And, have I mentioned that I’m kinda in deep, passionate hate with Firefox today?  I’m typing in Chrome because I’m so in desperate hate with Firefox today.  Is there really any reason for it to be the glitchiest program to ever glitch?  And I totally don’t mean Alan Cummings character in Tin Man because, at least, he came through when it really counted.  *throws massive squid-fit of annoyance*


I have been told that even my hate is cute.  <–I’m totally serious about this.


I’ve also been trying to get this post posted since, like, 5:30, and everything is being ridiculously glitchy and stupid today. *throws a double-squid-fit-of-technological-annoyance*


So, anyway, I had G4 on earlier so that I could watch X-Play (’cause I’m a total gamer-geek on top of several other kinds of geek), and COPS was on.


I swear that there were only three minutes left before X-Play; I thought that I could handle it!  But THERE ARE WAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAY TOO MANY IDIOTIC PEOPLE ON COPS!


*SIGHS the sigh of the eternally put-upon*


I must add that I did enjoy the cop asking the guy if he had any dead bodies in the trunk of his car.


‘Cause, I would totally tell the cop if I had a dead body in the trunk.


For real.


Yasureyoubetcha.  <–I apologize for the blast-from-the-past-SG-1 reference, yo.


*is totally ironic*


Okay, so there was promises of A Christmas Carol/Scrooge rant and a meditation on visually stunning reinterpretations of fairytales (e.g., AliceTin Man, and Neverland <–which I still haven’t watched off the DVR yet *is a terrible, inconstant squid*), but before I get into that, I was reading Craftzine and ran across this:



Okay, seriously, do we really need another reality show, and do we really have to cheapen the creative process by having this? *is still totally horrified by cooking reality shows and art reality shows*


Okay, rant-ish ended for now.


*insert segue here*


A Christmas Carol: A Treatise.  By me.


I adore A Christmas Carol–-good, bad, in-between, it’s all good–-and I was watching the version of A Christmas Carol with George C. Scott and David Warner and got thinking about Scrooge and his entire “humbug” deal.


Now, literally, “humbug” means “something designed to deceive and mislead”. We are always lead to believe that Scrooge is wrong in his assertion that Christmas is a humbug, i.e., Christmas is something that deceives and misleads.


But, what about when Christmas Present pulls back his robe and reveals Ignorance and Want? Christmas (or, rather, its representatives) are hiding the realities of the world for a little warm and fuzzy around the holiday. Isn’t that kinda Scrooge’s point? And, really, Scrooge’s reclamation is less about changing his mind about Christmas being a humbug and is more about Scrooge inverting his own paradigm.


Christmas is still a humbug, but the idea of living in the world as if it were the way it should be is not a humbug.


That’s the lesson, I think:  not to be all swoony about Christmas; rather, be an example in the world.  Hence why Scrooge is always described at the end of the film (and story) as keeping Christmas in his heart all year.


Christmas is a metaphoric reality.


I also totally think that Belle’s issue wasn’t that Scrooge had changed towards her, but that she wasn’t getting married when she wanted to get married. Scrooge was totally correct to be concerned with being destitute–especially during the Regency and Victorian periods. And, if you don’t believe me, go read “5 Reasons Money Can Buy Happiness” over on


Things haven’t really changed that much, except that we don’t have explicit poor houses.


And that was my ill-advised A Christmas Carol/Scrooge rant.




As per usual, your mileage may vary/this may have totally obvious to everyone else on the planet. Although, I think I always knew all this, which probably explains why I’ve always be overly fond of A Christmas Carol, but it’s more putting it into words. Ya know?


Okay, as per usual, I’m running rather long in my laborious language usage here, and I’m sure that y’all are totally done with my ramblings for today. I’ll get to the fairytale stuff soon, I promise; maybe even latter this week!  <–I’m feeling kinda froggy ’cause my interview seemed to have gone well, and it’s quite the weight off my little squid brain.


So, yeah, courage. *Vulcan gang sign*

3 thoughts on “Craft: A Reality Show and other things that you probably never really thought about.

  1. Excellent comments on Scrooge & humbug… never thought of it that way before. Great use of alliteration too! Christmas present never looks too happy to shelter the kids… thus his speeches about the typical hypocrisy of people who only seem to be nice around the holidays (thus the humbug).


  2. The caffine spins happened to me once when I drank an entire pot of coffee in an hour and a half by accident. I was pouring it into milk, and thus had no idea how much coffee I’d actually had. Oops.


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