Oh, prettiness.

So, I’m still ridiculously exhausted after all of the holiday shenanigans (with a couple more *waves tentacle* things before the year’s over); therefore, y’all shall receive prettiness to tide y’all over until after the new year.


Sometimes, just being a little fluffy-headed and relaxed is good, yeah?


‘Cause I’d never be fluffy-headed.  Or relaxed.  *whistles*


Basically, I’m teaser-trailer-ing y’all in preparation for the actual thinky-thoughts about modern fairytale interpretations and meta-fairytales.






And, remember there’s a ton of new Snow-White-centric movies coming out (and tv series like Once Upon a Time and Grimm) that are totally part of this glut of revisioning.


And, if this were all not enough, I leave y’all with a fandom cultural mash-up: “Zydrate Anatomy” meets all things Harry Potter.



…that all sounded kinda threat-y, didn’t it?




I swear that there has been very little caffeine today.



Really. Honest. Squid’s honor.


I’m sure there is some question about why these kinds of visual culture are so important to me. Briefly (’cause I don’t want to completely spoil the actual thinky post), they are part of my art-making process; they are also part of my research interests.


More importantly, for people not-me, tv and movies are our fairytales, and when traditional fairytales are adapted back into the modern parlance, mores the better.


Plus, it’s just friggin’ cool most of the time.


Except the Alice in Wonderland movie with Johnny Depp, poor man. I think that was the first time I have ever actually wanted a love story to make up for the idiocy of the planned plot.




*tra lala la la*


Happy New Year, y’all, in case I don’t “see” y’all before them.




    1. I totally love Tim Burton, and I was with him and his vision of Alice up until the end.

      Then there was facepalm-ing.

      For me, it just didn’t feel like he had completed his thought. *shrugs*

      Also? Because I enjoy be unpopular (not really, but meh), I detest 3-D.


      It always feels like a cop-out or like putting truffles on something. If it’s good, why does it need it? But, maybe, it’s because 3-D doesn’t look that different to me. <–*is defective*

      That was ridiculously wordy; I apologize.


  1. I am also enjoying the revival of fairy-tales (the meh nature of “Once Upon a Time” notwithstanding… they just need to give Rumplestiltskin his own show). It certainly speaks to our need to go back to archetypes. Part of me hopes that there will also be a revival of actual Classical mythology/storytelling (not of the sweaty “300” variety). We need a remake of Lysistrata.


    1. Totally need a Lysistrata remake…and a Kore-Persephone story.

      I do wish Once Upon a Time was less meh-y. *is sad* I had such high hopes for it.


      …can we have Rush and Rumpelstiltskin meet and chew scenery together?


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