a love letter to the ARTgarage by gbartlover



This post was really nice to read, especially since I’m one of the studio artists at the ARTgarage. <–Really.  I make the disturbingly kawaii creatures that look like they might be interested in nom-ing people’s heads off…and other things.


Loads of other things.




So, go read the post, and in the New Year, come by the ARTgarage and see all the shenanigans. –>  Help Make the ARTgarage the Central Place for the Arts in Green Bay!.


As 2011 comes to an end, I have been contemplating what my New Year’s resolution will be for 2012.  I thought of the normal things, such as weight loss, exercise, giving up cheese (which will never, ever happen!), etc.  But none of them rang true…and I kept coming back to the same thought that I truly miss being plugged into the arts in Green Bay.  It has been three months since I’ve been unemployed by the non-profit arts world, but I still have this burning passion to help grow the arts in our community.


In my 5 past years as an Arts Administrator, I watched with great hope as the ARTgarage started out through grass roots efforts of some very devoted and talented folks.  As their website explains:


“Two art majors at the University of  Wisconsin – Green Bay didn’t want to lose the energizing ‘art studio experience’ once graduated. They shared their vision for working studios and a gallery with the owners of The Cannery on Olde Main in October 2005. By March 17, 2006, the ARTgarage was open.”




The ARTgarage is located in a 4,000 square foot space that used to be a cannery loading dock, which makes the space the perfect setting for art display and activities with its brick walls, cement floors and high ceilings!  Today, the ARTgarage is blossoming into the art central, place-to-be in Green Bay.  Their mission is encourage an appreciation for and participation in the visual, performing and literary arts.


The ARTgarage has a lot to offer the arts enthusiast!  Seven individual studio spaces feature talented, local artists who are eager to talk with visitors about their creative process.  Over 20 artists display their work in the gallery in all mediums.  The ARTgarage also hosts First Saturday Performances each month offering all performing arts, including music, poetry and vaudeville.  Classes are offered for adults and children, some through its partnership with NWTC and some through the ARTgarage artists themselves.  Art forums and community events are also offered at the ARTgarage as the Cannery offers a large space for gatherings.  Finally, the ARTgarage has a fabulous gift shop where you can find one-of-a-kind pieces for friends, family or even for yourself!



The ARTgarage is a welcoming neighbor to the diverse populations within our community and proudly displays “Everyone Welcome” on their front door.  Join me in helping make the ARTgarage the central place for the arts in Green Bay!  How can you help?  Go to their website, sign up for their newsletter, go to their weekly events, visit the gallery once a month, sign up for a class, sign up your kids for a Summer Art Workshop, reserve the space in Studio B for your next gathering/seminar/meeting, buy a gift at their gift shop, and tell your friends about this wonderful gem we have right here in the Olde Main Street District of Green Bay! Watch for the upcoming “Art Meets Heart:  Juried Art Exhibit” to open on Thursday, February 2nd at 12 Noon, followed by the opening reception from 6 to 9 pm. Exhibit closes  on Saturday, February 29th at 6 pm.


The ARTgarage is located at 1400 Cedar Street in the Cannery Building, Green Bay, WI 54301.  Their phone number is (920) 448-6800 or you can email them at info@theartgarage.org.  Their website is a “gold mine” of information at http://www.theartgarage.org.  Gallery hours:   Tuesdays 12-6, Wednesdays 12-6, Thursdays 12-8, Fridays 12-6, Saturdays 12-4 (Closed Saturday, December 31st for New Year’s Eve).


Don’t let me down fellow arts friends!  I am counting on you!  Hope to see you there!


P.S.  Photo credits to the talented photographer who took them for the ARTgarage website!  Cheers!



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