random post of randomness

So, I’ve been playing around with the wool I purchased this summer, seeing if I could perform a (modified in wacky ways) acid dye on it; it’s going well.


I  think.


It’s modified because I don’t really want to boil the dye-bath-wool combination on my stove for ever and, more-so, because I don’t have a pot that I can sacrifice since it needs to not be aluminum and it can’t be used for anything else ever again.


Kinda a hassle, yeah?


Though, the pot I boil kozo in might be steel. I’m not sure, and I don’t need to explode dye and wool.


If this craziness works, not only will I be able to spin my own yarn, but I’ll be able to dye it too!


*is totally in awe of the awesomeness*


Now, if I could just learn how to spin the specialty eyelash-fuzzy-creature-looks-like-an-anemone-when-it’s-crocheted yarn, I’d be golden.




I might also go completely crazy and do a full-on acid dye session tomorrow.  Maybe, I’ll even suck it up and dye all these white t-shirts I’ve got sitting around.


*frolics in Dye Land*


I’ve also been screwing around with the echo-spectre (real name yet to be determined) pieces. There’s something screwy about them, and I haven’t quite figured out what it is yet. *needs to sit and be all contemplate-y of my bellybutton art*


This is what I do when I’m sitting around waiting to hear about things.



I might even do some bookmaking tomorrow. Really keep myself out of trouble.


Can y’all tell I’m not getting anything that I’m supposed to be working on done?  Like, ya know, my sketchbook for The Sketchbook Project.


*is the naughtiest naughty to ever be naughty*


*REVELS in their entrails*


*tra lala la la la la*

2 thoughts on “random post of randomness

  1. You’re going to post pictures of your dying, yes? And I totally went the instant gratification route. I mean, as instant as I have to wait until tomorrow when it’s dry to play with it.


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