I’ve been being productive, all the live-long day.

And the dwarfs have been sent off to work.


*is all Gilmore-Girl-y with my references*


This is a very studio-heavy post ’cause I’ve been being all studio-productive-y this year! *\o/*


Part of that productivity has been playing with dye. I’m calling it Experiments in Dye Land.


Since I learned to spin in 2011 (Thanks, Miss Hel!), I am now trying my tentacles at acid dyeing wool.  <–I'm experimenting with some wool that I purchased at the Farmer's Market this summer from the Embarrass Carding Mill.


Yes, there is a town not-too far from me called Embarrass, pronounced like “I’m embarrassed by.” <–I'm not kidding.  Embarrass.  Really.




So, acid dyeing protein fibers actually requires that the fiber and the dye be simmered for a bit of time in a set-up that I don't have (and don't have the money to supply), and I don't have a canning rig (yet!) to borrow from, so I kinda–improvised–it.  <–From instructions similar to these instructions from Dharma Trading Company.




These are the results:


acid dyed (with procion dye) wool 1


From left to right: Jet Black (which totally didn’t come out black; it came out grey and acid green, which is rather shiny), Black Cherry, and Turquoise.


acid dyed (with procion dye) wool 2


From left to right: Turquoise (second hank of it), China Red, and Deep Orange.


I think that, for my first try, it didn’t came out too badly.


And, since I had the dyeing stuff out, I thought that I’d dye a bunch of white t-shirts that I had siting about.


kelly green, teal, and turquoise procion dye crossed grid


kelly green, teal, and turquoise procion dye burst


Both of these shirts were dyed with a mixture of Kelly Green, Teal, and Turquoise.


turquoise and jet black procion dye


turquoise procion dye in a grid pattern


The shirt on the top is Jet Black and Turquoise; on the bottom, Turquoise.


china red procion dye burst


china red procion dye fragments


Both of these are dyed with China Red.


burgundy & deep orange procion dye in a burst


This one is dyed with Burgundy and Deep Orange.


Of course, I managed to injure myself while tyeing-up the shirts.


*eyeroll heard ’round the world*


What can I say? I’m accident prone.


*trips over a piece of paper*


…I’m okay.


*tra lala la la*


I’m currently wearing the Jet Black/Turquoise shirt. *twiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiirrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrls*


I’ve also been working on a corollary series to my unnamed friends series; it’s currently untitled, but I’ve been referring to it as echo-spectre.


The key words/conceptual framework behind them is sorta looking like this: homonculus, daguerreotype, shimmer, echo, Book of Pressed Fairies, Platonic Ideal, shuggoths, Lovecraft, graffiti, Andy Warhol, pop art, unnamed friends, taxonomy, doodle, butterfly, and organic.


singular echo of fungoid owlet


owlets in the mist


echo-spectre set


echo-spectre bird-blobs


echo-spectre algae primate


I also have a critter–unnamed friends: pop-tart Monday.


unnamed friends:  pop-tart monday


So, yeah, except for the two echo-spectre-owlet panels, all of this has been completed in 2012.


*is an awesome squid of awesomeness*


I’m going to posting my class schedule at the ARTgarage soon, though I’m teaching a Bookmaking class and a Storybead class this Saturday if y’all need something to do and are in the area.


*bounces off to clean the studio and do more work*



One thought on “I’ve been being productive, all the live-long day.

  1. All sorts of pretties! The shirts turned out very well. I know the echo-spectres still bug you, but they add an interesting dimension to your repertoire, especially since they are very multi/extra dimensional.


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