primordial eggplants

Or, I’m watching The Big Bang Theory.

Like ya do.  *whistles*

So, I’ve had kind of a craptastic couple of days, and I’ve been feeling craptastic (with weather-related issues), so the blog post is not going to be blog-y today. <–So no random ranting about annoying videos.

That’ll have to wait until tomorrow ’cause, seriously, it could probably wait for ever and ever (and ever and ever and ever).


So, instead of ranting rant-y-ness, have a little primordial eggplant from the ever lovely Ursula Vernon (her deviantArt account and her website).

The Great Eggplant of Klamata by ursulav (aka Ursula Vernon)

And a really neat article about a 298-million-year-old forest that was preserved, Pompeii-style, in China.  With renderings!

So, yeah, y’all will hear from me with a rant.  Also, if any of y’all are in the Green Bay area on Thursday night, the ARTgarage is have an opening for the 1st Quarter Artists from 5:30-8:30.

So.  Much.  EXCITEMENT! <–Okay, not really, but *shrugs* I’m going to be demonstrating bookmaking.  That’s nice, right?

Okay, night y’all.



2 thoughts on “primordial eggplants”

  1. I want the primordial eggplant to come stomp on Eastwick. Gods it is so tedious. Anyway, sorry about the craptastic days. The stupid video should be unworthy of notice… Ok not really.


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