This is a presentation that Hrag Vartanian created about Copy and Meme Culture in a (post)post-modern art world; he called it “Holy Holy Copy Copy Culture Culture, A Manifesto.” It is fantastic, and before any other people on Pinterest artists can get all rage-y, Vartanian emphasizes that citing where an image comes from originally is important.

Just like in Academia.

The funny thing is that I was explaining this to my tutorees when I was still in the Land of Academia, so <3s.

Sir, you are fantastic and awesome, and I <3 your brain.


2 thoughts on “A-frikkin’-mazing.

  1. It’s like the hyperreal has actually become reified and then copied! This text does seem to articulate the emerging ideology of the post-post modern (or whatever it will end up being called); all cultural production can (should) belong to everyone. However, there is respect for those who “originate” that cultural production. Given the innovation in all forms of digital media, the idea of “aura,” I think, is still a useful one, just not in the way the Benjamin would have thought. So… yeah.


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