Today is Manifesto Day! The happiest of all days!

Okay, I don’t know about it being the happiest of all days—that’s probably still Danish Day—but Manifesto Day is still pretty exciting.

So, I’m been working on a PowerPoint presentation for Gnome’s (The Husband) Humanities class, and while I was wandering about the interwebs looking for a last few images, I decided I wanted to have Marinetti’s Futurist Manifesto on hand so that I could quote from it.

That lead me to wanting Tzara’s Dadaist Manifesto (or one of them at any rate).

It was like Indiana Jones running from the giant boulder.  For real.  Now, I have several manifestos for Gnome to copy for the kidlets.  \o/ for the interwebs!

Here are the ones that I grabbed:

There are tons and tons more on the interwebs; these were just the ones that I grabbed today.  <3

Additionally, there’s this really interesting article on Hyperallergic about Sebastian Errazuriz and his Occupy Chair series.

Totally neat, don’t ya think?

I was also really enjoying Haute Macabre‘s really intriguing post entitled “Magical Thinking.”

Each of the images is very different, but they each of have an Asian sensibility of motion, flow, and space (as well as visually referring to Asian icons like the Chinese dragon).

And, that’s all I have for thinky-ness today; my brain is kinda thinky-ed out after the PowerPoint, but I found you pretty pictures!  And, here’s some of my newest pieces!

the Nothing (ooze) by Katrina ('Trie) Blasingame

This piece is part of my the Nothing(s) series of which I don’t have very many of them photographed/scanned yet; this particular piece is acrylic paint, ink, and spray paint.

I have written a really ramble-y artist statement for it:

These sorts of organic forms keep showing up in my work, but they’re evolving too.  And, they’re showing up in really strange places.

At first, the taxonomic structures were kind of a butterfly/dragonfly/cell(ular) structure reference that was decorative, organic, and often monstrous as well as a base for the chimerae.

Now?  It’s just kinda—imposing itself everywhere.

It’s creepy.

The other day, on a whim to create one of these on plex (which I’ve done before but not recently), I was drawing it on top of a discarded atlas page (so that I could see what I was doing and not mark all over my new ginormous self-healing matte), and I had this super-imposed image of a flowing, engulfing nothingness.  <–Okay, this could be a resurgence of my interest economic theory but seriously?

But, The Nothing is in slime and ooze and cancerous egg sacs spewing destruction.

So, it’s a happy Nothing.  *blech*

‘Though, the egg sac thing is kinda contradictory—except for all of the entire Aliens references.

*waves hand*  The cancer-thing is definitely an influence, literarily, from The Witches of Eastwick (novel)…

So, yeah, The Nothing.

I’ve also talked about the inspirations for the Nothing(s) here and here.

spindle's work, zellandine's denouement: 100 years in the tower by Katrina ('Trie) Blasingame

It’s made of handspun yarn (spun by me; the roving is from Interlacements), copper wire, roving I carded myself, wood bead, and spray paint.

There’s that spray paint again.

“100 years in the tower” is the fourth in the spindle’s work, zellandine’s denouement series; there’s even an artist statement to accompany it:

This fiber series, which is composed of scrumbled pieces (largely made up of yarn spun by me and some dyed by me) that are abstracted forms obliquely referencing aspects of fairytales, explores the idea of “woman’s work” in concert with the portrayal of Femininity in fairytales as well as the contemporary flourishing of Granny Arts in the (post)postmodern world.

So, yeah, I’m done for the night.


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  1. We are hackers and this is our… manifesto. “That’s cool.” “It’s commie bullshit.” Now that the mandatory Hackers joke is out of the way… I was thinking that the Nothing is very much reminiscent of the comfort and terror of the Hivemind that humanity often seems to be moving towards. It repulses and at the same time all of the curves and gentle sfumato seems to beckon and soothe. The aliens and/or Borg just want you to be happy… really they do.


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