I’m lacking in thinky-thoughts today.

I spent most of last week down with The Cold That Would Not End kindly shared by The In-Laws:  Wisconsin Edition, and I’m still feeling a little down from it.  Due to The Evil Cold, I’m giving my 20th and 21st Century Art History lecture(s) this week (I did the first on Monday; the second is on Thursday.), so I have a people hangover on top of the remnants of The Evil Cold.

Needless to say, my little squid brain isn’t really working all the way at the moment.  So!  Here are some pictures of the series I’ve been working on:  spindle’s work, Zellandine’s denouement.

I know that I showed y’all one last week, but I can’t remember if I’ve shown y’all the rest of them.

spindle's work, Zellandine's denouement: the moss from Allerleirauh's tree

spindle’s work, Zellandine’s denouement:  the moss from Allerleirauh’s tree

hand-spun yarn (by me; art bat by Hello Purl)

Katrina Blasingame


spindle's work, Zellandine's denouement: first born

spindle’s work, Zellandine’s denouement:  first born

commercial yarns, plastic-clad electronics wire

Katrina Blasingame



spindle's work, Zellandine's denouement: Schneeweißchen's flight into the forest

spindle’s work, Zellandine’s denouement:  Schneeweißchen’s flight into the forest

hand-dyed wool with procion dye in an acid dye method, hand-spun wool (dyed and spun by me), cooper wire

Katrina Blasingame


So, yeah, more of what I’ve been doing.  I’ve also been working on mono-printing as well as more of the Nothing(s), but I still haven’t taken pictures (or scanned the pieces) yet.

One day, soon.  I swear.  Maybe?


2 thoughts on “I’m lacking in thinky-thoughts today.

  1. You have wielded your thinky thoughts quite effectively at my poor unsuspecting students! Seriously, I think you blew their minds with all of the art and all of the important questions.I like the new series, it is visceral both literally and figuratively.There is also something particularly elemental about it (both in color and form).


  2. I’m glad that you think that I’m doing good with your tiny tots; I kinda feel like I’m babbling incoherently, so ya know, pretty much business as usual.

    I’m rather pleased with the current series too; it’s very different that what I’d been doing.


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