*flops down in a ball of tentacles*

Okay, I totally have a magnificent post about things I did this weekend and my 2nd Quarter Exhibit at the ARTgarage and the upcoming Circus Nerve show, but y’all, I am completely knackered and don’t have the energy to sort all those thoughts out into something other than squee-splosions.

Even the pot of tea sitting next to me is not helping that much:  it got me through the other two blogs (Gluten-Free Squid and Cecaelia Daily–Tumblr and WordPress) that I’m keeping, but happy!squid has run out of happy.

Therefore, tomorrow, my doves.

I leave y’all with this really craptastic picture of my exhibit.

The quirky image has to do with another artist having been in the way after having touched my art with neither permission nor respect.  *CRANKY*

Tomorrow, there shall be POST!

Courage and cake.

2 thoughts on “*flops down in a ball of tentacles*

  1. Mean artist! How rude. Just lucky your friends don’t actually decide to come off the walls. I’m glad that Carrie and Kim like this new production!


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