Artists are workers; artists are human: we need money to survive–just like everyone else.

I kind love Hyperallergic; they have a great “Required Reading” section.

In Friday’s?  And amazing look at how artists are not only underpaid but often are completely unpaid for exhibiting their work.

Kinda sucks, right?  That’s why all of use work 75 billion jobs and can barely scrape by.

And, ya know all those artists that make millions and millions of dollars?  They are in the frikkin’ minority.

True story.

My favorite part, though, was this summation:

The fact is that the National Endowment for the Arts (NEA) devotes less than 2% of its meager budget to direct grants to individual artists. State arts agencies spend only 3% of their grant dollars on individual artists. The bulk of philanthropy in the arts goes to only 2% of the nation’s arts institutions, who are among those with the largest budgets. And we know that many of those institutions don’t pay the artists whose work they show. Everybody keeps shifting the responsibility of sustaining artists (the real lifeblood of the arts) to some other group; meanwhile, the money keeps finding its way into the coffers of the few who hold the most power and the purse strings.

As the NEA said in its own 2008 report, Artists in the Workforce: “The time has come to insist on an obvious but overlooked fact—artists are workers.”

Courage and art, yo.

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