Signal Boost: Success on Etsy

My friends from Hello Purl were interview on their success on Etsy today. <–I didn’t get to see it this morning ’cause I was being all work-y at The Job, but I’m excited to have seen it shared by other fiber-friends on Facebook.


Etsy is described as the world’s most vibrant handmade marketplace.  It’s an online site where crafters and artists can sell their handmade or vintage items.   Many local artists and crafters are finding success on Etsy.  But it does take some know-how and persistence.  Kelly Grace Quakkelaar sews fabric headbands, passport covers, checkbook covers and more.  She has sold thousands of items on her etsy site “Gracie Designs.”   She stopped by the studio to share advice on how to make a site like Etsy work for you.  Here are her 5 tips.


1. Take Great Photos!
2. Give your shop a cohesive feel via products or branding
3. Think like a buyer, not a crafter when setting up your shop
4. Don’t undervalue your work with cheap prices
5. List fewer items, more often


Be sure to watch the video to hear her explain each tip.


Fiber artist Melissa Bohrtz also stopped by to talk about her success on Etsy.   She and Jessie Nordholm sell their hand dyed and spun yarn on the etsy site “Hello Purl.”

Esty 101 Class
July 10th 6-8 p.m.
DIY Studio & Gifts
119 N. Broadway – Green Bay

Success on Etsy.

They’re such brilliant, lovely ladies.  Go buy some yarn.


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