So, I know it’s not art-related and I know I’ve been MIA this week, but what do y’all think about these questions.

When does helping your students go too far (e.g., chasing after them because they didn’t complete an assignment or sitting with them as they finish writing it with you over their shoulder all Big-Brother-like).

When, as a student, should the instructor just leave you to your own devices?

When do you think that the instructor should leave other students alone because how is it fair that they get all this extra attention and help when they’re “slacking off?”

The CRANE Center

When does assistance become meddling?

When does the assistance that we, as educators and tutors/mentors and caring individuals, become enabling of behavior that will cause the student problems in the long term?

When have we cease to assist, and instead, started to be paternalistic?

How much help is too much help?

I think I know the answer–at least, for me, I know the answer–but I want to hear other opinions.

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