Couple of things.

So, yeah, couple of thinky-things.

I’ve been saving them up.

You think I’m joking, but I’m not. <–I’ve been saving things up because The Job often keeps my brain overly distracted–and not in a good way.  If it were a good way, at least, there would be the satisfaction of Job Well-Done; instead, it’s All Hail the Zombie Apocalypse.

Example A:

DISCLAIMER:  I am not actually planning on the death and destruction of anyone or anything, work-related or not.  I am voicing my frustration.  Nothing more.

Just to be clear, yo.

So, yeah, stuff and things.

I read this really interesting article about “Poets in the Print Shop” in The Chronicle of Higher Education, which I may have mentioned, but here I am again bringing it up.

Work-related memory loss, for realz.

I like the idea of poetry and printmaking meeting and cross-breeding and illustrating how these skills can translate to other disciplines.

Cause, really, isn’t that the reality of effective critical thinking?  The ability to critically think anything?

The other thing is a bit more–controversial.  I’m keeping my opinion out of it, but I’m interested in what y’all think.

I’m sure that y’all have seen the examples of yarn-bombing (or, really, graffiti-with-yarn) that have been showing up in the media:  Seattle, specifically comes to mind.

Well, you should also be familiar with Magda Sayeg, founder of the consortium that was once-named Knitta, Please.

But, are you familiar with the controversy that exists over their consortium’s once-name?  If you answered “no,” you are not alone.

What do you think?  Does Knitta, Please actually signify a racist appropriation or is it an oblique reference to urban culture while playing with the way that many people hear (and say) “knitter” as “knitta?”  Is it somewhere in between?

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