*is all painted blue*

*or not*


Remember how I was All Hail the Zombie Apocalypse the last time I posted (eons ago)?  It never got any better, any less zombie-apocalypse-y.  I ended up resigning due to a variety of reasons, the less of which was the accumulation of not-rightness that was building up.

Hence, the freedom-blue-paint-or-n0t thing.

My body’s still rejecting the resignation. *frustrated*

But!  That means that I won’t be nearly as distracted or nutty and can start bringing y’all my twisted (and oddly academic) perspective on art, the world, the art world, and living in Wisconsin.

And, speaking of Wisconsin with all of various tribes and reservations, I ran across Sew:  The Art of Creative Sewing with Mixed-Media at Book World and ended up buying it due to this cover:

Danielle Daniel is a First Nation’s descendant.  These pieces are part of her genealogical story.  They’re beautiful and nuanced, and honestly, I kinda adore them.  Yet, when I first saw the cover, I wasn’t certain because I wasn’t certain if she was culturally appropriating an inappropriate image or if she were doing what she was doing (I hadn’t looked at the article yet).

But, yeah, the worry of cultural appropriation is well and truly seeded within me.

What do y’all think about Danielle Daniel’s pieces?  What do you think about cultural appropriation?  Is there a way to respectfully appropriated and denigrate or destroy the culture that is being appropriated?

Yep, I come back, and I come back with hard questions.  Why can’t I just squee over the conceptual-pretty?


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