inside the tentacle-made studios (Shawano edition)

So, I recently cleaned and reorganized my studio, and I thought that y’all might like to see one of the places that I work in.

This is my little work area with my glass for monoprinting and my giant cutting matte for paper and fabric and some of my inspiration–thingies.  Y’all can also see piercing cradle for bookmaking, an as-yet incomplete plushie piece, and some of my books.

There’s a lot of books.

And the best lamp ever.

To the left of my work area is my spinning wheel Vincent and my weird little cart with all of its little drawers.

Behind Vincent, you can just see my pastel box peaking through.

By-the-by, the table I use for my work area was my great-grandma’s.  My dad has told me stories about being small and hiding underneath it at his grandma’s house.

A close-up of the shelving unit to the left of my work area.

A close-up of (some of) my books.  Did I mention that there are a lot more?

My pretty, pretty lamp–and my Dress of Storage.

My sewing area-cum-staging area for my easel, which is to the right (no image for some reason).  I just found this old-school desk at Goodwill for $2.  I kid you not:  $2.

*inserts Better Off Dead “I want my $2!” reference*

Also, a couple of my fungoid owlets.

My (craptastic) dress-form and my freshly painted photowall…plus some stuff that needs to be redistributed around Hemlock House and the studio.  This is all to the right of the sewing area.

My nascent metal-working area.  I’m still working on getting it all set up.  It’s too the right of the sewing area.

The shelves where all my fiber stuff hangs out.  This is too the left of the sewing area.

The white bag has kozo in it waiting to be boiled and used.  Oh!  And check out my pretty cricket loom! <–I’m still working on the weaving-thing.

More books.  More fiber.  Toolboxes (bookmaking and regular toolbox).  Gesso and adhesives.  Rolls of paper and per-streatched canvases.  All to the left of Vincent and my main work area.

The big red-brown thing is my flammables cabinet.

In the distance, you can see the garage door of the studio ’cause my studio is a garage.  But!  It has a drain in the floor.

This visual jumble is my not-organized section–really, it’s more organized than it looks; it’s just that the water-heater and the furnace are right there.

The butcher’s block is actually my paper-making surface with my book/paper-press  sitting on top; it also has all of my paper-making stuff and fiber dyes hiding inside of it.  Hidden behind it is my double dry-sink, which is currently filled with alpaca and wool that needs to be processed.  You can also see my woefully inadequate sink and my studio spotlights.

A random piece based on 28 Weeks Later that has lived in several of my studios.

A piece that I’ve been working on:  zombie!Santa (in-progress).  Good for decoration from Samhain until Yule.

So, yeah, that’s pretty much  my crazy studio–except for the ginormous fabric bin, the Supply Room, and the as-yet not-working lathe.


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