So, yeah, I kinda disappeared again.

I’ve been having a THING to end all THINGS and the worst funk of all time.

Y’all know how they always talk about how creative people (and this totally includes the crazy-creative individuals in Science and Math and, well, everywhere)? Yeah, it’s not always hokum. Luckily, my funks are usually incubation times, but it also is totally “even you depression is mathematical,” fever-day suckage.

So, yeah, not my favorite.

I totally owe y’all a real post about ArtStreet and the spinning I’ve been working on and the first drop-spindle class I taught yesterday, and honestly, I don’t know what to tell y’all about those things other than that, yeah, they happened.

…and my brain’s filled with poetry again, and if y’all haven’t read Richard Siken yet, you should.

I owe you, and not in a destroy-your-life-soul-and-sanity sorta way that Moriarity would go for, but a really owe y’all.



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